Using our knowledge and experience in automation, we have created our home control system – SMART PLACE.

The system includes:
1. Easy Touch One (ETO) controller
2. OMI Control application works on iOS, Android or Windows platforms

Easy Touch One is a PLC controller designed for controlling electrical and electronic devices located in the apartment/house.
It can be also installed and used inside industrial buildings such as office buildings.
The device (in a single housing) integrates: CPU with memory, 12 inputs, 12 outputs, 2 inputs for temperature measurement, Ethernet interface for management, power supply 24 VDC to power output circuits.
Easy Touch One (ETO) is a programmable controller which means the installer ultimately defines how the controller and its functions works.
The controller user is able to monitor and control ETO`s actions through the OMI Control application.
It controls all available house/building functions: lighting, heating, blinds, air conditioning or alarm system.

SMART PLACE means unlimited possibilities…
You decide how your house will function…

Click here to download SMART PLACE brochure.

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